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Why Use Confirmation?

You can’t afford not to.

Dated confirmation methods are inefficient and susceptible to fraud. Our secure digital platform gives you control over the process from start to finish. Watch this video to learn more.

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All your confirmations in one secure platform


Work in a platform that puts data security first. Confirmation's services are up to major industry standards and pass hundreds of security audits each year.


Reduce the confirmation process to an average of two days and cut your costs in half (versus the cost of paper).


Nine out of 10 auditors say our platform is easy to use. Plus, we offer robust customer support and ongoing training.

We process millions of confirmations across 170 countries each year.

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"Confirmation is modern, streamlined and quick! Once an online request is completed, no separate client authorisation is required and payment is made through centralised billing - where a bank letter request used to take weeks to send out, it now takes less than ten minutes. If that wasn't enough, we are now seeing bank letters returned before the audit starts, and with accurate content, thus saving us time and, therefore, money on an audit."

Anne Dwyer

Audit Partner and Head of Property and Construction

"The process of obtaining a bank audit letter was one of many potential pitfalls, however this is no longer the case when using Confirmation. The electronic authorisation with the client is secure, seamless and efficient whilst remaining personal and when coupled with improved response times from banks, reinforces our decision to use Confirmation for all of our bank audit letter requests."

Danny Porter


"Whitley Penn is very happy with the services provided and will continue to use Confirmation to serve our clients with quick, efficient results."

Andy Hines, CPA

Audit Manager

"The platform has allowed us to provide our customers with a quicker turnaround time, helping us to provide a standard format and reduce confirmations received by post, fax and email. The platform is secure, we know every request we receive come from a validated audit firm and always contain a client authority."

Patrick Bairin

Strategic Planning Department, Finance & Control, EMEA Division

"The big advantage of using Confirmation.com is that we are sure that all requests are authorized by the customer and there is no need to check the signatures and their validation. Confirmation.com is a very intuitive tool, we can easily move the requests through departments and hold the request when it is not completed."

Process Specialist

Top 10 Nordic Bank

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