Los socios revendedores aceleran el crecimiento internacional de Confirmation.com

Última actualización: 07/08/2014

NASHVILLE, TN - July 8, 2014 - With over 12,000 accounting firms using Confirmation.com in more than 100 countries, Confirmation.com, the creator of and world's leading provider of secure online audit confirmation services, has experienced great success by adding several key reseller partners around the globe. These strategic partnerships have fueled an increased demand from other interested parties around the world wanting to offer the Confirmation.com service to financial institutions and accounting firms in their respective markets.

"Until electronic confirmations emerged in the marketplace, managing paper confirmation requests for banks and accounting firms was a difficult experience to say the least," said Dave Malone, senior vice president of Confirmation.com and head of its global initiatives. "Confirmation.com has been able to significantly improve the outdated paper- and manual-intensive process, and because of its quick adoption we've seen usage grow by 70 percent to as high as 6,300 percent in some countries the first six months of this year compared to last year."

"In South Africa, as in other countries, the paper-based audit confirmation process has many challenges for both audit firms and banks," said Ryan Mer, Managing Director of CQS Confirmations. "As a reseller partner, we have helped audit firms and banks streamline and secure their audit confirmations, which has resulted in great feedback from auditors and banks since rolling out the Confirmation.com service in our market."

Confirmation.com is actively seeking more resellers in other countries who would like to offer electronic confirmations in their market.

“Confirmation.com is the proven global market leader and we are excited to bring their secure and efficient online audit confirmation service into the Asia Pacific region as part of our partnership,” said Tony Hallam, Chairman of Confirmations Asia Pacific.

"Growing our existing international footprint is extremely important to us because we have a significant number of auditors throughout the world who want to use Confirmation.com globally," said Chris Schellhorn, Chairman and CEO of Confirmation.com. "We are thrilled to have such continued international interest in Confirmation.com."

Confirmation.com’s current partnerships include Confirmations Asia Pacific in the Asia Pacific region, CQS Technology Holdings in Africa and Asa Makina in Turkey.

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